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1. Panoramic Lyrics

Panoramic Lyrics

Being As An ember film I float Light is Dimmer as I settle Like a fragile star Eclipsed by a black hole Percept, guard, clung, wavering in the breeze Suspect, angelic, like a leaf through trees Shadow

2. Psychoma Lyrics

Psychoma Lyrics

Entranced in irreversible thought Believe in reality, I will not Trained & taught Blamed & crucified Residual night time visual Unclear sight strained Irritate the ember of perception Gravitate the ph

3. Glide Lyrics

Glide Lyrics

Wokeup from where I lied Off the ground where I died Letting the water through the air as I glide My will as high Intense the side And where I will always hide The stone I cast As if it where removed

4. Livid Dread Lyrics

Livid Dread Lyrics

Indignantly I nefariously take the path again But the question I ask is will I detour at the same place again Same place Will erase Pull & heap my trailing past regret I struggle to the end Never thin

5. Aphotic Destiny Lyrics

Aphotic Destiny Lyrics

A drowning undertow Dragging you below Aphotic destiny Rising underneath Pressure increased The hull is breached Integrity now compromised As it breaks you down Adrenaline released Against caligenous

6. Aphotic Existence Lyrics

Aphotic Existence Lyrics

Like a snake, life's slithering down Inside the crevice of obscurity The earth's embrace now lacerates An insidious plague A conscious state, cimerrian form A lifeless, lightless orb, forlorn Our unre

7. Vulnerable Lyrics

Vulnerable Lyrics

Vulnerable Incomparable Immeasurable There she goes Upended now I'm right Unnoticed how in spite Stillness grows Will not bow My life I owe Never Known Riaz o Riaz tumi Kothai LoneWolf o LoneW

8. Released Lyrics

Released Lyrics

(verse 1) This is uncalled for, this is my change Everytime i crawl to you, you walk the other way You can't be simple, i try to be strong But everytime your lips move, i know somethings wrong (choru

9. Breathe Lyrics

Breathe Lyrics

Wait to breathe I want to see If you'll wait for me Under the dying tree Break I want to see you break Succumb I want you to succcumb Fake How could you be so fake Breath Nowhere to take it from Dumb

10. Pendulate Lyrics

Pendulate Lyrics

Spotted eyes searching Twisted minds contriving Berampyre your thinking Or fall like the procacious With your back against the wall YOu have so far to fall Grasping at the dead air Fight overwhelming

11. Linger Lyrics

Linger Lyrics

I don't want to leave You can't make me go I won't let you grieve Your stomach sink so low I won't ever leave You can't make me go Pinacoline soaked permeated illusion Rapacious twitchy repentant delu

12. Failure Lyrics

Failure Lyrics

Green waves rippled from effect From the blast of inward motion The tides is out from defect And the mass gets denser from lack of emotion Can you see a future Through the haze of the gusting winds Th

13. Lunar Ride Lyrics

Lunar Ride Lyrics

Time to wave your spirit goodbye Treason to blame, don't even try You transgressions turn form smirk to mirk The Faustian years your lurk and shirk To reflect you drink and think With all at stake yo

14. Loathe Lyrics

Loathe Lyrics

The tall majestic oak Immortal, unmoving Seeing all, seething all Loathing moves through it's veins But moving shall it never know Reaching out it's stranglehold Squeezing the essence from it's woefu

15. Benumb Lyrics

Benumb Lyrics

Dim voice drifts void limb trim tried Otalgia I hear When you are near Blind I see When you're next to me Benumb I feel Gone, it is you that steal Myopic it is when I leer Despondaent it is when I pe

16. Spores Lyrics

Spores Lyrics

Mold is growing in bluish form Textured and grained to opposite flow The hair like surface adorn Like tines to oppress the down like show Tear away the sky type felt Light as a feather, not even an o

17. Free Me Lyrics

Free Me Lyrics

Everyone wants to be me My reality no one should see So I will remain unclear Strained under weight that a mind will bear Unrelenting clutter in my mind Clarity so hard to find So inside of here I'll

18. Atmosphere Lyrics

Atmosphere Lyrics

The soul of the sky lie Besmeared & torn The horizon up high Below I lie forlorn From the atmosphere once upright I was born The followers of light, uncontrite Have ripped The hole up high in the sky

19. Under Veil of the Endless Grey Sky Lyrics

Under Veil of the Endless Grey Sky Lyrics

Mighty weight I feel Pressure is relieved One I will kill The one I deceived Existence now in hindsight Embrace forevermore Blackened tear No more fear Under veil of dark Up upon my throne Next depart

20. Precipice Lyrics

Precipice Lyrics

I stand over the gorge Pinehills roll endless Pitch smells swirl and swell Below the wake I dwell The swarth of I Blanket the entire sky I stare, the wraith up high Into my apparations eye Reflectio